Gain process insight with Navigator

Management processes of project organisations are set up logically, but they often do not work efficiently. Synotion uses the automated assessment tool Navigator providing clear dashboards offering great insight into most important improvement areas and improvement suggestions.

Sample case:

  • Organisations strive for a certain manageability. A quality management system is designed and translates it into clear policies.
  • This policy is then detailed in work processes and clear RACIs. Designated process owners oversee implementation.
  • However, does it work that way on the shop floor? Have the policies and processes described been embraced by everyone? Do we actually work this way?
  • The level of implementation requires quantitative information. Information that enables an organisation to determine to what extent work processes have been adopted. This quantitative information must then be translated into actions to achieve full implementation of the intended quality management system. Those actions should be prioritised so that the greatest possible result is achieved with the least effort. This usually requires the efforts of a large number of consultants.

Navigator saves on the involvement of expensive consultants and in addition by involving staff also saves on the time your organisation spends on implementation. In Navigator, we have automated these consultancy activities. Within 1 week Navigator reveals where in the organisation, on which topics and with whom the improvements are up for grabs. Clear improvement steps are included on a personal level!

The Synotion solution in five stages:

So what are the results? 

Overall results:

  • success factor goes up;

  • failure costs go down, hence;

  • increased profit margins (for suppliers);

  • promotes open and transparent, trust-based cooperation.

In the procurement phase:

  • efficient and lean evaluation process;

  • low risk for legal consequences;

  • minimalization of the role of “The Promise Department” of market players.

In the implementation phase:

  • systematic methodology to ensure compliance;

  • systematic methodology for risk management;

  • basis for managing continuous performance improvement;

  • – reduction of capacity to be used for auditing, i.e. (targeted control).
    – basis for Supplier Performance Management;
    – via clear (self-explaining) dashboards at any organizational level, per site, per subcontractor, per… etc.

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