About us

Synotion’s roots

Synotion’s years of experience gained in change management, performance management and project and process implementations have led to a different way of thinking. The core lies in the way people are involved. Only by involving people and keeping them involved will organisational changes be implemented efficiently and durably.

The way we assist in the change process, based on trust in people, creates an intrinsic and collective will to improve.

Synotion provides organisations with the means to implement real improvement. This creates the difference between how people thought something is, and how it really is. Only when that difference is understood can an organisation move forward.

Who are we?

Emiel Vaes
Emiel Vaes
Emiel’s drive lies in creating effective cooperation between supplier/contractor and customer/client in outsourcing relationships. Effective cooperation finds its basis in clear mature process agreements and open and transparent communication about them. After all, best practice working methods, often standardised in an ISO/NEN standard, lead to high predictability of the intended result.
Emiel is “future focused”. His multidisciplinary knowledge and experience in outsourcing services and project management, his IT background and interest in AI applications were the basis for the development of “Navigator”: an effective and efficient AI-based PDCA management tool for an “Integrated Quality Risk Management” approach. Emiel further guides organizations in guided change endeavors.

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